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Believe it or not, podcasting has been around for 15 years. It began in 2004 by Adam Curry and Dave Winer. The term “podcasting” was coined by Ben Hemmersly in an article featured in The Guardian. Since then, there have been podcasts on a full range of topics from beekeeping to neurological quandaries. There are also podcasts on the latest in taxation. Podcasts are a wonderful source of information and entertainment. They help us get a better understanding of a topic, especially from industry experts. Before podcasts, people could learn about topics via the internet or references. Podcasts have made learning more convenient with the available devices they can be heard on (e.g. iPhones). Below are some of the top podcasts on tax news.

  1. TaxinVoice — This is the official podcast on taxation from the Australian Taxation Office. The goal is to make taxes easy to understand and complete at tax time. You’ll find industry experts sharing their insights on the latest tax issues.
  2. Tax Yak — This podcast educates the public about taxation, particularly tax training. The podcast features a wide range of topics from work-related and rental property expenses to key tax and superannuation measures.
  3. Tax Wrap — Discusses current issues on tax and super. Listeners can voice their opinions and ask questions via social media and email. Topics cover single touch payroll, the federal budget, residency status and more. Guests are experts in the industry and from notable organisations, such as the Australian Taxation Office.
  4. Accountants Daily Insider (ADI) — Directed at accountants, ADI focuses on the issues accountants face (i.e. taxation). The hosts tackle topics that are reshaping the industry, such as ATO security measures, single touch payroll, and alternative lending. Listeners can join conversations on their website.
  5. Tax Talks — This news podcast covers a wide range of tax issues for tax professionals, including tax practitioners, tax (financial) advisors, BAS agents, SMSF specialists and chartered tax advisors. It is partnered with a number of companies, such as Tax & Super Australia and The Tax Institute. You’ll find a range of issues from offshore SMSF work to commercial debt forgiveness.

Although these podcasts provide a bevy of information, it is suggested that you consult a taxation professional in person regarding your specific tax situation.